FWD: [Tracker] tracker-miner-rss 0.3

This is the kind of stuff that needs a forward on the planets:

From: Roberto -MadBob- Guido

This is just an update about tracker-miner-rss effort, already mentioned in this list some time ago.

Website, SVN, Last release (0.3)

Since 0.2 we (Michele and me) have just dropped dependency from rss-glib due some limitation found, and created our own Glib-oriented feeds handling library, libgrss, starting from the code of Liferea and adding nice stuffs such as a PubSub subscriber implementation. At the moment it is shipped with tracker-miner-rss itself, in the future may be splitted so to easy usage by other developers.

Next will come integration with libchamplain to describe geographic points found in geo-rss enabled feeds, integration with libedataserver to better handle “person” rappresentation (suggestions for a better PIM-like shared library with useful objects?), and perhaps a first full-featured feed reader using Tracker as backend.

Enjoy :-)

Roberto is doing a demo on FSter at FOSDEM during our presentation. My role in the presentation will be light this year. I decided to give most of the talk away to Rob Taylor and Roberto. I will probably demo Debarshi Ray‘s Solang and if time permits his work on the Nautilus integration. Regretfully Debarshi can’t come and so he asked me to do the demo.