SQLite’s WAL, deleting a domain specific index

SQLite’s WAL

SQLite is working on WAL, which stands for Write Ahead Logging.

The new logging technique means that we can probably keep read statements open for multiple processes. It’s not full MVCC yet as writes are still not doable simultaneously. But in our use-case is reading with multiple processes vastly more important anyway.

We’re investigating WAL mode of SQLite thoroughly these next few days. Jürg is working most on this at the moment. If WAL is fit for our purpose then we’ll probably also start developing a direct-access library that’ll allow your process to connect directly with our SQLite database, avoiding any form of IPC.

Adrien‘s FD-passing is in master, though. And it’s performing quite well!

We’re thrilled that SQLite’s team is taking this direction with WAL. Very awesome guys!

Domain specific indexes

Yesterday I worked on support for deleting a domain specific index from the ontology. Because SQLite doesn’t support dropping a column with its ALTER support, I had to do it by renaming the original table, recreating the table without the mirror column, and then copying the data from the renamed table. And finally dropping the renamed table. It’s nasty, but it works. I think SQLite should just add DROP COLUMN to ALTER. Why is this so hard to add?

I finally got it working, now it must of course be tested and then again tested.

Next for the feature is adapting the SPARQL engine to start using the indexed mirror column and produce better performing SQL queries.