The undoable editor that can open > 4 GB text files

We are making an editor for industrial uses at Heidenhain. This is to make big Klartext programs, editable. I’m sure other industries could also use that.

Nowadays these programs often come out of a conversion from a CAD-CAM format. Before you can mill and turn your pesky military secrets on one of the machines controlled by a Heidenhain set, you’ll have to tweak the program that you converted from your CAD-CAM product. We are making the editor for that.

I wrote on this blog how we will instantaneously open those >4GB files, ready for editing. It looks a lot like how I made the E-mail client modest open the headers instantaneously on the N900. Basically, having a partition or index table that gets mmapped.

We’re also making the overlaying (the changes made by the user) undoable. The APIs for that kinda look like this. All examples on my blog are amateur extracts of the real thing, of course.

I feel like it’s actually going to work out. Architecturally and organizationally the other developers in our team are getting at the right level of expertise and sense of wanting this.

That is most important for anything to make it happen.

It feels a bit like how Nokia was: I’m learning a lot about myself from techleading: how to propose a design, concept or idea; how to convince deeply technical people; how to push others to go further than what they can already do. How to make a team quit competing and start sharing a common goal. The infrastructure for that was provided to me by Nokia. At Heidenhain, I feel like having played a small role in it.