Printing money for the climate

Yes. Let’s print lot’ s of Euros for the purpose of enhancing technologies related to Climate.

Because we need to increase the Euro’ s inflation. We should stop investing in government bonds for the same purpose (saving the Greek socialist government). We need to invest in our shared European military too (replacing NATO). Those should increase our Euro inflation. Investing in climate related technologies will likely increase our Euro inflation. Which we still need. Urgently.

We however need to violently stop increasing Euro inflation by investing in EU government debt. We need to start investing in the real things the young people in the European Union want.

What do we need to invest European money in (in order of priority):

  • Propaganda (RT is fine, but, we probably want to control it ourselves instead)
  • Military (a European DARPA). We really need our own EU military research. Space. Rocket science. Weapons research. Because this will improve research and technology in and of civilian space. Whether civilians like this or not. Besides, we might some day need it against an invading force (rather unlikely, but still).
  • Climate technologies. It’s clear that civilians want this. Let’s do it, then.
  • Infrastructure (roads, borders, schools, swimming pools in villages)
  • Social security (Look at Leuven’s academic hospital. This is fantastic. More of this, please)
  • Lawmaking about new technologies (social media, privacy in a digital age, genetic engineering of seeds and others, chemicals, farming, medical, and many more)