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Wim made a stir in the land of the web. Good for Wim that he rid himself of the shackles of social media.

But how will we bring a generation of people, who are now more or less addicted to social media, to a new platform? And what should that platform look like?

I’m not a anthropologist, but I believe human nature of organizing around new concepts and techniques is that we, humans, start central and monolithic. Then we fine-tune it. We figure out that the central organization and monolithic implementation of it becomes a limiting factor. Then we decentralize it.

The next step for all those existing and potential so-called ‘online services’ is to become fully decentralized.

Every family or home should have its own IMAP and SMTP server. Should that be JMAP instead? Probably. But that ain’t the point. The fact that every family or home will have its own, is. For chat, XMPP’s s2s is like SMTP. Postfix is an implementation of SMTP like ejabberd is for XMPP’s s2s. We have Cyrus, Dovecot and others for IMAP, which is the c2s of course. And soon we’ll probably have JMAP, too. Addressability? IPv6.

Why not something like this for social media? For the next online appliance, too? Augmented reality worlds can be negotiated in a distributed fashion. Why must Second Life necessarily┬ábe centralized? Surely we can run Linden Lab’s server software, locally.

Simple, because money is not interested in anything non-centralized. Not yet.

In the other news, the Internet stopped working truly well ever since money became its driving factor.

ps. The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike than those who think different. Quote by Friedrich Nietzsche.

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    1. admin Post author

      It’s a hype on the Internet of the last few years that is blowing over too slowly. It’s also the reason why you are probably receiving less of those chain-letter E-mails and E-mails with pictures of cats in your spam filter. Nowadays almost everybody uses that social media thing for it instead.

        1. admin Post author

          You are missing out on pictures of drunk parties, pictures made by the parents of babies and little children in all sorts of questionable situations (these little fellows didn’t consent to it and will because of it have a hard time finding a job when they grow older), pictures of … pictures of food. For gods sake, food. You have no idea how much food-pictures the muzzles have put online.

          But last few months the new fad seems to be short fantasy stories, with convincing pictures, of course, of unlikely events that took place, dubbed fake news. Some say it, combined with filter-bubbles (a system that makes people receive and get content sorted in a way that ever more confirms their existing bias and opinions, so that they’ll buy more goods from the advertising that surrounds said content), swung a presidential election in the U.S. in favor of a clown. I’m still not sure if that itself is fake news or not. Apparently it’s real. Profits, are so much higher now.

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