Merkel speaks. She is the only true leader of Europe. Listen.

Do not assume US still aspires to be a world leader.  Differently put: it is time for a EU army.

She also said: the UK will have to “live with the consequences” of Boris Johnson  ditching Theresa May’s plan to maintain close economic ties with the EU after Brexit.

Answering would a no-deal Brexit be a personal defeat for you? No. It would, of course, be in Britain’s and all EU member states’ interests to achieve an orderly departure. But that can only happen if it is what both sides want.

Her Germany is ready for no matter what. She made it so. And she’s telling you.

2 thoughts on “Merkel speaks. She is the only true leader of Europe. Listen.”

  1. An EU army won’t happen. Think about countries such as Finland or Sweden who are not NATO members. They can’t possibly join an EU army even if they would want to.

    1. What if Russia approves of such an EU army, and even joins it?

      From Russia’s propaganda I noted last few years that Russia is not against such a EU army at all. They see it as a necessary competitor.

      This makes sense. They want a military equilibrium with Europe.

      Isn’t this what we also want?

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